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the rusty duck blog

A cottage in need of much work. An overgrown woodland garden.
More munching critters than you can shake a garden fork at.
I try to see the funny side..
1202, 2016
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No Flies On Mike

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802, 2016
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Wet Wet Wet

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402, 2016
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The Hunter Gatherer

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3101, 2016
  • Green: The terraces, overhauled in 2014 and now 'doable' in an afternoon a month.Yellow: The Precipitous Bank, overhauled in 2015. There'll be more planting and maintenance will be high in the short term at least. But it should need less time and effort as the year goes on and enable me to move to pastures new..
Red: The next challenge. Sponsored by makers of crampons the whole world over. Kidding.

Into The Red

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2701, 2016
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Watch The Birdie

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2201, 2016
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Don’t Walk On The Grass

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